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King of Hobbies lyrics2015-03-26Music, Text, LyricsN/ALink
Digital Weather2015-03-27Music, MP3N/ALink
Digital Weather lyrics2015-03-27Music, Text, LyricsN/ALink
Tetris Attack NES (TANES)2015-04-17Game, NES0.9Link
Emday2015-05-09Music, MP3N/ALink
MassRenamer2015-06-08Utility, PCN/ALink
Partitioned Recorder2015-06-20Utility, PC1.0.0Link
Nececrus2015-06-20Utility, PC1.0.1Link
Spelunker2015-10-16Music, MP3N/ALink
Reliving the Moment2015-10-30Music, MP3N/ALink
DeProgrammer's YouTube Channel2016-03-28Link, VideoN/AN/A
Color Cube2017-03-05Utility, PC1.0.0Link

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The lyrics for the song King of Hobbies.

A gaming/romance song DeProgrammer wrote with the intention of having a couple sing it.

The lyrics for the song Digital Weather.

TANES is a weak Tetris Attack clone that DeProgrammer attempted to make for the NES, simply because he wanted to make software for the NES.

An attempted Mothers Day song took a strange turn and ended up becoming this whimsical piece.

A program designed to rename a list of files either via a given text file or by manually inserted names. It is not very useful unless you have a list and it is in the same order in which the files are organized (usually alphabetically according to the old filenames).

Partitioned Recorder is a program designed with absolute efficiency in mind, for rapidly recording a large number of separate audio files. More specifically, it is intended for recording language in order to assist with creating Anki decks for individuals wanting to learn your language. It features silence detection developed by DeProgrammer, and files are saved as Ogg Vorbis.

Nececrus is a command-line utility that uses R-way tries to count the instances of unique words in text files or Skype (chat log) databases. If you run it without parameters, it will automatically search for Skype databases. If you try this program out, please email me the results (output.csv) at!

A tune somewhat reminiscent of a particular piece of music in Metroid Prime.

Halloween music. Theme: The ghost of a murder victim eternally relives the moment of his death at the hands of a serial killer, at the end of a basement hallway in which he heard numerous people become victims before him.

DeProgrammer's new YouTube account

An OpenGL shader-based (GLSL) color cube with a spherical or planar subtraction, for demonstrating the inside of the color cube.