2022-12-15 02:08:58 - Online games with Discord login
I added two multiplayer online games to my repository today. You can log into either with Discord, or you can play them on your own machine without logging in. Burgustar (offline link) is a cooperative turn-based sci-fi city builder (and was actually mentioned in my previous news post, but I didn't add it to the repository pages until now), while the slightly newer Bounty Tussle (offline link) is a counter-operative Metroid board game that I originally designed in 2013.

2022-07-05 22:51:31 - New web host
After years of my web host messing things up, such as removing Node.js after it was on my server for 6 months (see also: my news post from 2018), I decided to switch to Amazon Web Services.

Check out my latest almost-finished game, a sort of multiplayer turn-based city builder named Burgustar (log in via your Discord account). It allows you to play a few turns ahead of other players, but your actions may be undone if the other players' earlier turns render them invalid.

2020-08-23 18:49:10 - Mass Update
It's been a while, so I decided it was a good time to upload a bunch of projects I've done over the last few years, including an older abandoned one or two.
Music: Added Tusciffe Title, Tusciffe Valley, Untitled First Symphony, Unlearned, and Verty.
Text: Added two sci-fi short stories (A Memoir of the Downturn and the introduction of an "untitled mage story"), riddles, a presentation on game engine concepts, a machine learning crash course, and "Facts, Ideas, and Principles for Becoming Your Best (Software Developer) Self"
Software: Omlenet, Chaos Island Hacking, DeArrayViz
Links: my GitHub and my Steam Workshop (I just made six Surviving Mars mods last weekend)
Other: the StepMania step chart for Unlearned is on the "For other games" page.
I also updated the About page and renamed the Programs category to Software and the Graphics category to Visual Arts. Be sure to check out my PixelJoint account, too.