2015-07-12 13:52:15 - New Music, Game, Utility x2
I added eight recently-made songs to my repository today, as well as lyrics for the two that have lyrics. These are songs I developed shortly after purchasing FL Studio after years of wanting it.

I also uploaded a utility I recently developed for recording audio files in rapid succession, called Partitioned Recorder, as well as an unfinished game I developed for the NES called TANES.

Furthermore, I uploaded a utility I developed over a year ago for creating sprite comics, Strippifier.

2014-03-28 01:34:14 - Military Entrance Mission Updated
I just added Xbox 360 controller support to Military Entrance Mission in preparation for my next project, which will be a game that can be played on one PC by a hundred people simultaneously.

2013-08-29 21:08:00 - New Web Host, Domain
In celebration of 99k being a terrible web host, I've finally decided to fork out a few dollars for a decent web host. With it, I now have a domain name, too! My intention is to go through the old portions of my website this weekend (a four-day weekend, hooray!) and combine some pages, maybe make things look a little more professional.