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Welcome! This is the website of Christian Kinesis, which isn't a real company, but we'd like to consider it a nonprofit organization. You may never know whether we have one, two, or fifty members. You also may never know what all we do. But this is what you can know: we intend to make what we can to help people, through entertainment, tools, et cetera, and to treat our users with the utmost care. Anyone can call herself or himself a Christian, but that doesn't make him or her one. The same theory is applied to being a member of Christian Kinesis. Anyone wishing to contribute, contact At the moment, in terms of specific requests, we're looking for someone to take part in creating an all-encompassing spriting guide--we've made a tentative outline.

Now, take a look at some of our possibly useful or fun programs! They're all freeware, by the way. If you want, for some strange reason, to give a little to the webmaster, you may visit the CafePress shop and purchase buttons or T-shirts.

Name Description
Paint WIP Grabber Saves a screenshot of a specific MS Paint window every time the mouse button is released.
Kinesis Animator (0.13.1) GIF animation studio. Contains code by many programmers.
ColorCounter Counts the colors in a specific image file (GIF, PNG, or BMP) or in an image on the clipboard. PNG-loading code by LaVolpe.
4Colors Contains quite a few image effects of which the creators of many other freeware image editors never thought. It's a bit glitchy, so users should be careful about what they do with it--try to only use images whose width and height are multiples of 4.
BinaryLoad Allows the user to edit small files as binary digits. This is mainly for lazy coders who want to see what bits they got wrong in their file-saving procedures.
MassiveMover (3.1.3) Capable of moving or copying files either based on dates or ignoring them. It's great for making comprehensive back-ups and then updating only the new or modified files daily.
Tide A text editor that seems simple at first, but once you open the menu, you'll see that it has a sort of tab feature, an on-screen keyboard, a special clipboard that can hold as many items as can fit on the screen, a feature that emulates keystrokes to any given program (or up to 4 programs, in order), an Always On Top option, and an extremely complex find/count/crop/replace feature. The printing function is untested since the creator never prints anything.
The DeMattei Project An equation program designed to handle complicated equations and graph them, even reporting then ignoring some errors.
MassRenamer A program designed to rename a list of files either via a given text file or by manually inserted names. It's not very useful unless you have a list and it's in the same order in which the files are organized (usually alphabetically according to the old filenames).
UltimateBoardGame (1.0.2) This program is practically a simple programming language and environment for making board games. The system is designed to support everything from checkers to more famous and complicated games with several stacks of random cards, dice, and so on. It comes with checkers and tic-tac-toe, but a few other games have been made for it. This also requires the Microsoft® WinSock Control. (License information pending.)
TypingTest A tiny program that allows the user to type whatever (s)he wants and gives the user her/his average speed, ignoring any typoes.
Date2Date A simple calculator designed to give the number of days from one given date to another. It takes leap years into consideration, of course.
The Drag Drop File Lister A program designed to list files the user drags and drops into it. For programmers, it's a good example of a few neat tricks, so request the source code.
JoyMouse Control your cursor with your joystick. Includes horizontal and vertical mouse wheel abilities. Also has a slow mode and separate X and Y axis locks for accuracy, as well as the ability to use the directional hat or D-pad.
Really Simple Slideshow Intended to be a very simplistic slideshow program. There are basically two options: play and random play. However, the images are resized to however large the window is when the play button is clicked. The Drag Drop File Lister, with the options "copy list" and "include path" selected, is an excellent sidekick for this program. Each image is shown for about two seconds.
Anaglypher Not a user-friendly program; it was intended to be used only once. It takes two folders full of bitmap images and combines them all in a third folder as red/cyan 3D stereoscopic anaglyphs.
Alphamaker Creates 32-bit bitmaps with an alpha channel. These bitmaps are unsupported in most programs (including MS Paint), but they were used in both Rotis and Meteroids. DeProgrammer uses Alphamaker every time he changes the graphics for either of those games.
MaskMaker Another fairly unfriendly program, MaskMaker was intended mainly for DeProgrammer's older programs, but it still has some uses. It changes white into black and every other color into white and allows you to copy the resultant image to the clipboard.
Glowem Glowem is designed to repeatedly outline (up to 10 times) one specific color within an image. It works well with MaskMaker.
BatMon (1.0.1) BatMon is not a Jamaican man with a bat disguise. It is a graphical battery monitor for Windows-based laptops. There are 26 different images (blue, yellow, or red; anywhere from full to empty) that appear in the system tray depending on how full the battery is. Just one click and you can exit it. Version 1.0.1 reloads itself if Explorer crashes.
ThumbLocker ThumbLocker blocks mouse and keyboard input until a thumb drive, CD, hard drive, SD card, MP3 player, camera, etc. that contains a file named "tacoA.ico" in the base directory is inserted. As with BatMon, just one click and ThumbLocker is gone from the system tray. But be careful not to run it if you don't have tacoA.ico in the base directory of a drive already--you'll have to reboot your computer and you won't get an opportunity to save anything. Well, that's unless you go make a text file on a thumb drive or CD via another computer and rename it tacoA.ico.
Notaker Notaker was made by DeProgrammer specifically for one good friend, "Tsuki" Nadolski, and is essentially a program designed for taking notes. It's got tabs, colorization, automatic saving, and a few other things. The readme file has all the details.
HIE (Human Interface Emulator) A program that can emulate keystrokes and mouse movement/clicking/wheeling. If you're tricky, you can make it do math, loops, and arrays. More commands will be implemented at a later date.
Third-Party Freeware This is a list of useful programs recommended by Christian Kinesis.

Name Description
Game Design Overview Gives a quite general overview of nearly every aspect of game design.
Productivity Explains the importance of productivity. Unfinished.
Absolute Beginner's Spriting Tutorial Teaches about spriting (pixel art) from the very basics to the very advanced. Unfinished.
The Total N00b's Guide to Programmer Lingo Explains the lingo of programmers. Unfinished.
73h B3773r C0d3r Gives some information on how to improve code, in terms of speed, user-friendliness, and quality. Unfinished.

Name Description
Microsoft® WinSock Control Required to run UltimateBoardGame.
Microsoft® Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Files Required to run most of the programs on this website.
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