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About Bounty Tussle

I (DeProgrammer) very suddenly decided to implement this Metroid board game, Bounty Tussle, virtually on 2022-11-16 and released it on 2022-11-26 (with continued updates through at least 2022-12-03), after I had designed it back in 2013. I had intended, initially, to carve the tokens out of balsa wood using a rotary tool, but I gave up after breaking the first piece I carved (the base was circular), which I ended up carving with a knife because the rotary tool barely made a dent in the wood. This implementation is roughly my 20th Metroid fan game, depending on your definitions of "game," "fan game," "Metroid," and "my." :)

Things you can do:


Gameplay rules in brief (mostly skipping over combat nuances):

Expansion rules in brief:

Aggressive Counter-Op rules:

Also note all the graphics were yanked off the web; enemies were almost all from the Metroid Database beastiary, while playable characters are from Metroid Wiki. The only original graphic is the Samus indicator token I drew with Inkscape in the style of the other hunters' (ripped) weapon icons. I took the Super Metroid® and Metroid Fusion® sprites from The Spriter's Resource and upscaled them with https://www.maxlaumeister.com/pixel-art-upscaler/ before squishing them back to roughly 64x64 so they don't look quite as out-of-place with the originally-much-larger art. Other graphics came from PNGWing (some image aggregator). All the concepts, naturally, came from Metroid games are therefore the intellectual property of Nintendo®, and this game is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Nintendo®. Heck, I even hijacked the Wrecked Ship map to make the expansion board's layout.