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Game Engine Concepts2017-10-10Text, EducationalN/ALink
Metroid Zero Mission: Real Numbers2011-11-12Text1.0.0N/A
Digital Weather lyrics2015-03-27Music, Text, LyricsN/ALink
King of Hobbies lyrics2015-03-26Music, Text, LyricsN/ALink
Unlearned (for StepMania)2020-03-28Music, StepChart0.83Link
Tusciffe Valley2019-09-14Music, MP3N/ALink
Spelunker2015-10-16Music, MP3N/ALink
Tusciffe Title2017-07-18Music, MP3N/ALink
Untitled First Symphony2017-08-05Music, MP3N/ALink
Ionosquare2015-03-20Music, MP3N/ALink
Anxious Alpha2015-03-12Music, MP3N/ALink
Pauses2015-03-07Music, MP3N/ALink
King of Hobbies2015-03-26Music, MP3N/ALink
Digital Weather2015-03-27Music, MP3N/ALink
Emday2015-05-09Music, MP3N/ALink
First Messing Around2015-03-06Music, MP3N/ALink
Reliving the Moment2015-10-30Music, MP3N/ALink
Bossin2015-03-12Music, MP3N/ALink
Verty2020-06-18Music, MP3N/ALink

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Presentation giving a brief introduction to some concepts you need for developing your own game engine from scratch, from a technical perspective.

Several one-liner riddles I made up on one or two occasions when someone else mentioned a riddle to me.

Numbers obtained by viewing the memory of Metroid: Zero Mission at run-time.

The lyrics for the song Digital Weather.

The lyrics for the song King of Hobbies.

A song and step chart for StepMania. The title links to a video of the step chart being played.

Tusciffe (WIP) valley stage music.

A tune somewhat reminiscent of a particular piece of music in Metroid Prime.

Tusciffe (WIP) title screen music.

First time trying to make a relatively complex song with instruments commonly found in an orchestra.

Kind of a powerful tune that DeProgrammer enjoyed making.

A tune that kind of makes its author anxious.

A tune based on the concept of putting a notable pause in the percussion track.

A song DeProgrammer wrote about computer programming, although it"s not completely honest.

A gaming/romance song DeProgrammer wrote with the intention of having a couple sing it.

An attempted Mothers Day song took a strange turn and ended up becoming this whimsical piece.

The first piece of music DeProgrammer developed after a several-year hiatus and after purchasing FL Studio.

Halloween music. Theme: The ghost of a murder victim eternally relives the moment of his death at the hands of a serial killer, at the end of a basement hallway in which he heard numerous people become victims before him.

A tune DeProgrammer made that reminds him of certain Maxis games.

Two instruments. A short experiment using some of the lessons I picked up from Write Like Mozart while trying to reduce the impact of my usual formulaic approach to music.