Kinesis Animator Version History

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Release Date
0.13.1 June 11, 2009 Added automatic factorization of the frame rate of loaded GIF animations
Fixed a bug with Auto-Find Boxes in Location
0.13.0 February 11, 2009 Visuals have been mostly fixed on some screens with certain settings that previously caused significant problems.
The response to scrolling is now instant, like in Paint.
Zoom checks for possible errors before giving the options.
Shift + Auto Find Boxes from Pixel now works correctly.
Fixed a bug caused by pasting frames without any frames selected.
Added a deselect method to the frame list by clicking outside of the frames.
Fixed the number boxes' scroll buttons that remembered their previous values.
Fixed the animation size minimums.
Added maximize/restore buttons.
0.12.3 February 10, 2009 Removed need for "Run as Administrator" by integrating controls
Fixed two minor bugs
0.12.2 Decemeber 12, 2008 Fixed two bugs; added two features
0.12.1 December 11, 2008 Optimized Accurate Preview
Added option to use current sprite sheet to load an animated GIF
0.12.0 December 7, 2008 Added GIF Optimize function
Updated GIF saving code
? November 22, 2008 Added shortcut keys
Added option to hold Shift for continuous use of a tool in Box Mode
? November 18, 2008 Fixed a major bug and a minor graphical bug
? May 7, 2008 Fixed a bug in the number boxes
0.1.0 December 8, 2007 First release
0.0.0 November 22, 2007 Began design

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