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Rendezvous Delano is a SHMUP-style game for the Nintendo DS with several Metroid elements, including specific enemies, weapons, and upgrades as well as the ability to explore various alternate routes through each of the several revisitable areas. You may download it here, but be aware that you need an emulator such as iDeaS or no$gba to play it if you don't have a flash cartridge for your DS. An actual DS is required to save and load progress. (Also, it's not finished but not being worked on.)

Some of the items obtainable in Rendezvous Delano are the morph ball, missiles, the charge beam, the wave beam, and the varia ship. Of course, that's not all--not even close.

The wave beam makes its return in Rendezvous Delano. Similar to in Metroid Prime, the beam can stun enemies for a short time. Other weapons included thus far are missiles, which fire in sets of two; cluster-seekers, which are basically small bombs that hunt down enemies; and power bombs, which create a sizable explosion for a few moments where they hit.

Additionally, the plasma beam is present, as well as a new weapon called the phase missile. The plasma beam passes through enemies as usual. The phase missile also does this, but it must be detonated when it reaches its target. The phase missile can affect any type of enemy since it can phase through their armor.

It has already been stated that the charge beam is also present in Rendezvous Delano. It has not been said, however, that the beams are not the only weapons that can be charged. Missiles, cluster-seekers, and power bombs can also be charged, significantly increasing their short-term damage output.

DeProgrammer has not been alone in this project. He has solicited some assistance (especially with graphics) from Jalonso, Kenji Imatake, Metroid Zapper, Emperor, Liksmaskaren, and Troid92. The game also could not have existed in its current form if it were not for the hard work of those who created devkitPro and PAlib (from Of course, if DeProgrammer himself were not created in the first place, he would not have been able to imagine Rendezvous Delano, not to mention produce it, so give credit where credit is due.

The amount of effort put into this game can be summarized with a video and a time range--pay special attention to the dates as shown at the beginning of the video.

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