The Elder Games

Herein lie the eldest of DeProgrammer's games, up to the ones he made only a few years ago. But only a few will be uploaded at a time, because he must both ensure the artifacts of his real identity are removed from all of them and write a description for each, and also copyright information. If the games will not open, try downloading this.

Lexicon Drop
A nice-quality game designed to help a few specific people learn how to spell. Customizeable words. The background was made by Guy Perfect, and the other graphics were taken from a NASA photograph.
Post-Apocalypse Earth:
Clearing Wuogs Sector
A nice-quality short game in which you must fight two enemy ships that move around randomly. I don't remember where the background or music came from.
Deadly Division
Text-only game that consists of you dividing large numbers repeatedly.
Text-only game that consists of counting, replacing every number that contains a 7 or is a multiple of 7 with the word "buzz."
Samus Vs. Kraid
Very short game, based on the Planet Zebeth comic, in which the player (Samus) must defeat Kraid. You can't cross the center line, and Kraid only jumps and shoots spikes.
Samus Vs. Jack
Short game in which the player (Samus) must defeat Jack, a jack-o'-lantern-like Metroid. You can only have one bullet on-screen at a time. The large Metroid spawns smaller ones to attack you.
Crash And Don't Burn
Similar to many games I've played before, you pretty much have to avoid the cars by moving to a spot in which there is no car in the place directly above you. Kind of weird to explain, but that's the gist of it. Car graphics were taken from old GameMaker demos.
Beamster Blam
Poor-quality game in which you, a space ship, must simply destroy the same set of enemies repeatedly. You can pick up small packages of money and be more efficient to gain more money to upgrade your bullets. Pretty fun even if not the best quality.
Wrecker UFO
Poor-quality game in which you, a flying saucer, must simply destroy three small looping cities.
You Are A Metroid
Fair-quality game in which you play as a Metroid, strategically draining your enemies' hit points, while avoiding the laser and using your limited special abilities to latch on and to drain/mode faster.
Bounty Hunter Samus Minigames
Fair-quality set of 7 minigames.
Kill the Helpers
Fair-quality game based on a friend's comics. You must push each of the helpers back into the lava by shooting them. The boss is really hard to hit because it's random and rarely comes down into range.
Metroid Invaders
A pretty poor-quality Metroid clone of Space Invaders.
Cargo Carrier
Fair-quality game in which the object is to survive a certain amount of time by avoiding small kamikaze space ships. By no means is it difficult.
Humans Versus Robot
Fair-quality game in which you must battle five robotic bosses, shooting only the red section on their armor. Some are significantly harder than others.
Screen Shooter Game
Poor-quality game in which you must destroy your enemy from a first-person perspective. Not much to it.
Missile Dodger 2
Poor-quality game in which you must dodge, shoot, or shield against the incoming missiles. Doesn't work with my laptop keyboard...
Deadly Division
Text game that involves dividing quickly.
Rocket Soldier: Samus
High-quality Metroid fangame with non-Metroid gameplay. Samus must run through numerous levels, defeating bosses, obtaining upgrades, and destroying enemies. This one even has a story!

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