What does it do? ColorCounter, as its name suggests, tells you the number of unique colors in an image. Additionally, it can give you the full palette, as big as you want it, and it can arrange it in descending order beginning with the color that is used the most. Otherwise, it will arrange according to where you would first find each color, looking at it as though you would read a book. If you put the mouse over a specific color in the palette, it will tell you exactly how many pixels of that color are present in the entire image.

Can I redistribute this? We wouldn't mind at all if you redistributed this program file elsewhere. There's no need for credit or linking to this page. In fact, please, give it to anyone who may use it. It's freeware, after all. However, know that the PNG-loading code was written by LaVolpe.

If you have difficulties opening the program, check out the site's main page for dependencies.

Where do I get it? Click here to download Color Counter.

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